Lucky Star theme by Hackurl

por snout en 06-01-2009, 22:20
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Japanese chiptune composer Hackurl has released yet another MSX inspired song: an SCC-style interpretation of the theme of Lucky Star. For those wondering, Lucky Star is a manga series created by Kagami Yoshimizu. On Hackurl's website you can find many other songs recorded with and/or inspired by MSX.

Relevant link: Lucky Star theme by Hackurl

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Por snout

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06-01-2009, 22:56

This guy sure knows how to pump the freakiest sounds out of the SCC...

Por sd_snatcher

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19-10-2015, 21:24

Does anyone have this awesome song in mp3 format? The video seems to have been removed from youtube and I can't find it anymore...

Por Grauw

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20-10-2015, 00:06

Aw, I’d like to hear it too.

Por syn

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20-10-2015, 01:35

I always wonder why the newsposts about this guy refer to him as hackurl. Was this his old nickname?

He goes by the name Otobeya.

Especially this touhou medley on nes has been one of my favourites for a long time.

According to the comments, the video coincidally has lucky star music at the beginning :)

Por sd_snatcher

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14-07-2019, 18:11

Otobeya updated his page link, and by following the trail I could find the Lucky Star SCC song again, on nicovideo. Enjoy!

Por Samor

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16-07-2019, 08:33