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por bartholo en 22-05-2009, 19:01
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On May 30th, MSX Club West Friesland has been around for five years, after a restart made in 2004. To celebrate this milestone, everyone is invited to visit this Dutch club. Activities include a game competition with some small prizes and demonstrations of the MP3-player and SymbOS. You're invited to bring your own MSX computer to show what you can do with it. A bar with some sandwiches and drinks is present as well. The club opens its doors at 11:30.

The address is De Scheerder 1 Hoorn, The Netherlands. For more information visit their website and/or contact Mr. Kalkwiek.

Relevant link: MSX Club West Friesland

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Por W76NearDark

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25-05-2009, 22:13

Be there or be grey Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

Por muffie

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25-05-2009, 22:40

that sounds fun. A game competition during the event?
PPL would be allowed to bring code and/or graphics or everything would need to be written and/or created there?

Por Yukio

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26-05-2009, 14:16

I am able to create a small game in MSX-BASIC using 30-150 minutes (I am not a fast typing person). I guess that a lot of people from various countries are able to handle the tasks. Well, for the graphics and sound it could be possible to memorize small effects and patterns ...

Not sure about the procedures in other countries!

Por Poltergeist

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27-05-2009, 20:31

That would be fun. But no: it's a competition in playing games, not writing them...

Por Yukio

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01-06-2009, 06:44

Well, communication problem ... But, I did the games LOL!

Running Naked in a Field of Flowers