Vampier videos: The Maze of Galious

por wolf_ en 31-01-2010, 21:37
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Currently, Vampier is creating more videos than mankind has time to watch them. His latest output is a walkthrough of Konami's legendary MSX1 platformer The Maze of Galious. Like his other recent game walkthroughs, prepare for razor sharp image quality!

Relevant link: The Maze of Galious video

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Por Sama

Ambassador (2061)

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01-02-2010, 03:59

Nice to have a view at this game again. Nostalgia! But it's a pity Vampier used that time stop item to defeat the bosses. You can't really see them in action this way. Although I must admit I even forgot that such an item exists in this game.

Por benedick

Resident (36)

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31-01-2012, 16:38

It's a shame this saga died with the 8bits. This is my favourite msx game.