French version of 1chipMSX keyboard

por Franckfr en 21-05-2010, 23:39
Tema: Desarrollo

Active developer Atheus, a well known figure in the French MSX scene, jumps to the rescue of AZERTY keyboard users, taking away their fears of ever hqving to type in the Tzilight Wone qgqin when using their 1chipMSX. Think of the agony when trying to perform everyday actions as entering a Konami password or developing your new masterpiece! Atheus created a patch for the OCM-PLD (v2.3) pack, a very useful firmware update by KdL which is known for substiantially boosting the performance of our favorite transparent blue device.

Relevant link: Atheus' blog

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Por Atheus

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22-05-2010, 08:31

Active developer ???
Yes, once in a year ... Tongue

Por JohnHassink

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22-05-2010, 15:17

That's still more activity than none at all. Wink

Por Sebbeug

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21-05-2019, 19:03

Funny news... It was my first login... Big smile