Bargain 12.01

por snout en 03-02-2011, 00:08
Tema: Software
Etiquetas: Utilities

Katsu has once again released an update of his image compression suite Bargain. Changes in this release:

  • You can now select multuple files at once
  • Increased available stack space in MSX-BASIC
  • Some changes in the viewing screen

Relevant link: Bargain 12.01

Comentarios (2)

Por Metalion

Paladin (945)

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04-02-2011, 17:14

I'm interested by this lossless compression tool, but I can't find anywhere a decompression routine in machine code.
It seems that it is only for files and BASIC use ...

Por Edwin

Paragon (1182)

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04-02-2011, 17:28

I suggest you download it and read the English manual.

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