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Por DarQ

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31-05-2004, 19:02


I finished building the openmsx packages but the packages cannot be found in the Debian tree yet. In hereby provide a tar.bz2 archive that contains both the openmsx and the openmsx-catapult packages.

So if you are a Debian user who wishes to install these packages:

wget # download the archive
tar -xvjf openmsx-debian.tar.bz2 # decompress the archive
dpkg -i openmsx-0.4.0-1-i386.deb # install openmsx
dpkg -i openmsx-catapult-0.4.0-1-i386.deb # installs catapult (optional!)

(you obviously need to be root when installing. and the server might be down when you are in trying to download the archive in the middle of the night (CEST))

if you installed catapult as well, you can run it from the Debian menu (apps/emulators)

if you wish to remove the packages from your system:
dpkg -r openmsx-catapult
dpkg -r openmsx


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Por [D-Tail]

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31-05-2004, 22:52

Nice work, DarQ! As soon as my Debian's functional again, I'll try to download it Wink. For now, I'm playing with Windows Server 2K3 Tongue