Worst MSX game *EVER*

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Por The_Engineer

Master (179)

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23-07-2004, 12:44

Awww.. come on.. Rick Dangerous wasn't THAT bad.. ok it sucked but hey it was one of my first games.. and completely basic.. now i've seen games in Mcode that were much worse Wink

Read the review by Dennis Lardenoye on an old FutureDisk to remember why it was really bad Tongue
But... FYI Koen and I added Rick Dangerous as worst game ever as a joke to the 'Best games ever' index on FD#10. Don't be offended about it, we just couldn't come up with a worse game Smile

Por Whizzy

Master (213)

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23-07-2004, 15:47

Hmm. i don't have that disk.. anyone care to share that review with me... LOL

I only have the review from MCM, which wasn't that good either.. i wasn't offended but i think we should let out the 'wannabee' MSX-basic games (and GameBuilder) stuff from the nominations..

Most of the games from 'Hudson Soft' sucked pretty bad..

Por RobertVroemisse

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23-07-2004, 16:14


Por RobertVroemisse

Paragon (1318)

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23-07-2004, 16:17

What's Michael from Micro Cabin

WOW..... bad game

Por Sama

Ambassador (2068)

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23-07-2004, 17:12

What's Michael from Micro Cabin

WOW..... bad game

You only think it's bad because you don't understand Japanese... Tongue

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (9972)

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23-07-2004, 17:15

hm.. what did I just read? Was that a generous offer to translate it then, to prove your point ? Smile

Por Sama

Ambassador (2068)

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23-07-2004, 17:37

The game doesn't need to be translated to prove my point. It speaks for itself. The game's a text adventure about a cat. That just can't be a bad game. If I would have plenty of time, I might be able to live up to your expectations, but alas... Wink

Por Sonic_aka_T

Enlighted (4130)

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23-07-2004, 20:09

Did someone remove Rieks' chain and ball again?!? Tongue

Por diabolus

Resident (54)

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20-10-2004, 20:19

I think that there isn't that many GOOD games for msx1. Just listing the good ones is enough. Almost all Konami's stuff and few games from other developers.
I did play a lot of msx1 games younger, but most of my friends had c64 and if you compare msx vs. c64, World & California games, Outrun, Green Beret,, Afterburner, Thunderblade...etc. Msx versions do suck most of the times.
There is exceptions though, Salamander, Nemesis, Gauntlet.. and few others that were better than c64 versions.
Developers didn't put that much effort in msx versions, atleast the european ones. Fast & crappy spectrum converions most of the time.
How come most of the good msx1 were coming from Japan??

Msx2 games are different story, though. Tons of good games for this platform. I bought such a machine, because I tried it with emulator and liked those games instantly.=) They never sold msx2 here at Finland.=(

In right hands, good games for msx1 are reality. Konami showed it, and Robsy with his PRO quality Guru Logic showed it. (I love it, btw)
These kinda games we need more. Not those 1984 Coloecovision ports...

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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20-10-2004, 21:04

There are MANY MANY great MSX1 games that you didn't list... You should get to know them Smile

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