State saving.

Por Belov Andrey

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29-06-2004, 12:23

Hi. Wanna play in Hydlyde 3, but have some problems.
I got a Ru MSX, NLMSX and openMSX. NLMSX and openMSX have a good emulation of gameplay, but I cant save memory state like in RuMSX. RuMSX can save memory state, but with the good resolution I cant see sprites...

May be someone can tell me how I can setup RuMSX without this problems?Smile

P.S. Please excuse my english, it's really bad Big smile

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Por Sonic_aka_T

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29-06-2004, 12:41

If you're looking for a (pretty)good emu with save-state support I'd go for blueMSX. It has about the same accuracy as NLMSX and has some extra features. It is a bit heavier on the hardware though, and doesn't have Turbo-R support yet...

Por Manuel

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29-06-2004, 17:42

Why don't you use the normal saving routines of Hydlide 3? On a real MSX you can save it too, likewise an emulator should support it too.
IIRC, Hydlide 3 can save in the SRAM of the Panasonic (FM)PAC. So, plug in an FMPAC and save in the SRAM. In openMSX the SRAM will be automatically saved on disk (in the persistent dir in My Documents) and loaded when you use the extension again.

Por thinlizzy

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29-06-2004, 19:10

as manuel said above, hydlide 3 has tape save too and most emulators support it creating a .cas file

Por Belov Andrey

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30-06-2004, 07:45

Thanks a lot to all Big smile
I know about saving in H3, but Im need save memory and BlueMSX is good for it Big smile

Thanks to all again Big smile

With the best regards Andrey Belov aka SDSnatch

Por Latok

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30-06-2004, 13:24

Living in Moscow Wink

Say, the idea of integrating the complete ROM or DSK-image in a blueMSX savestate. How about that? Pretty illegal, but it's interesting because it's a fun way of showing your friends the Salamander enddemo for instance Smile Whole libraries could rise with enddemos from different games and stuff....

Is there a better non-illegal way to reach this goal? I know BiFi has stated it should be possible to point the ROM or DSK-image on your local HD. But isn't that just as illegal, actually? So, if we're in illegal business already, we might as well make it ourself as much convenient as possible?

Por anonymous

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30-06-2004, 14:24

How is letting a user point to anything illegal?

Por Latok

msx guru (3867)

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30-06-2004, 14:40

Yeah well, it assumes you have illegal ROM and DSK-images, doesn't it? But...That's the whole idea behind emulating anyway.

Por snout

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30-06-2004, 14:41

It doesn't, Latok. If you own a cartridge, in most countries you are allowed to make a ROM-dump of it to enjoy the game in your emulator as well. Same goes for disks and system-ROMs for that matter Wink

Por BiFi

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30-06-2004, 14:42

When it comes to Konami end demo's in saved states I'd prefer the Game Master method. It would be nice though to have some tool to be able to convert between GM1 and GM2 save state format.

I hope Daniel Vik (the blueMSX author) will add some feature to point to a different location for a ROM and/or DSK image in the next release. It might very well open up a new library with save states for many games.