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Por SLotman

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23-07-2004, 17:16


First of all, thanks everyone...

I've successfully ported msxtar to MS-DOS widht DJGPP, but the bad news is that msxtar does not help me =(

I've created a 600mb HD image with two partitions, one with 32Mb and the other with the remaining space. The problem with msxtar is that it re-creates the dsk file in memory, so it just crashes back to DOS saying "fatal error: not enough memory", since there's no way DOS can handle 600mb files on RAM 8(

Is there any other way to put files on a disk image on openmsx?

MeitsNearDark: winimage does not recognizes correctly HD images as valid DSKs (if does recognize two partitions, but stops on that)

Por SLotman

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23-07-2004, 19:58

Update: I created a second HD image to use with openMSX as slave - 32Mb size, so now msxtar can add files to it... but anytime I try to add a file (any file, small or big) the HD image gets corrupted... what could be the problem?

The output generated by the program:

maxCluster 4087
RootDirStart 25
RootDirEnd 40
---------- Boot sector info -----

bytes per sector: 512
sectors per cluster: 16
number of FAT's: 2
direntries in rootdir: 256
sectors on disk: 65401
media descriptor: f0
sectors per FAT: 12
sectors per track: 32
number of sides: 16

optind 3 argc 4
Couldn't find entry teste.txt to update, trying to create new entry
Adding file teste.txt
teste.txt -> "TESTE TXT"

Por turbor

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26-07-2004, 23:19

Instead of trying to update the diskimage, could you try creating a new one with msxtar itself ? like this:
msxtar -cvf new-hd.dsk --size=ide teste.txt

To be honest, due to my way to limited available freetime, this is so far the only thing I actually tested. I never started updating with an existing HD image so far (unless this one was also already created with msxtar(read: unpartioned) )
By using the --size parameter like this, there is no partition info on that 32 MB diskimage.
And with my 'real HD image'(read: partitioned) all I have done so far is extracting Smile
Like stated in earlier mails, this is all in development for now...

A possible cause why this update could go wrong, is because of the fact that I for now blindly assume a certain version of IDEFDISK to be used...
Which version do you use when partitioning/formating the HD image?

Por MicroTech

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27-07-2004, 12:36

Message for Turbor!
Sorry for posting a "private" item in this forum: I wish to contact Turbor but I can't find any userinfo on the mrc available for the public.
So please, David would you be so kind to contact me or let me know how can I communicate with you?

Apologize me for the interference Wink

Por anonymous

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27-07-2004, 13:43

ro: to transfer 20/30Mb files over disk drives are INSANE! Each disk is 720 kb, so in "rough math": 30/0.7 = 42 disks!

openmsx supports tcl scripts in its command console, which can be of use.

You could 'cut' the large files into floppy sized chunks, use wrdsk top put them on floppy disk images, install an autoexec.bat on your HD image that copies all files from floppy disk to hd (COPY B:*.* A: ...) and then run a tcl script that will
- load a disk image
- reset the MSX, so it will run the autoexec.bat
- wait a minute or 2 to give the MSX time to copy the files
- loops over all disk images found.

In the end you'd have to paste all files back together again on the MSX HD...

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