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23-08-2004, 23:16

Hey, I have a bunch of extra games that I'm trying to get rid of, so I thought I'd post my list here:

Burai (disks/inst/box)
City Connection - French version (cass/box)
Daikonkai Jidai (disks/inst/box)
Disc Station Deluxe #2: Madoushi Lulba (disks/box)
Ease/Home Office 2/MSX-DOS - Netherlands version (disks/inst)
Fleet Commander 2 (cart/inst/box) (x2)
Flight Path 737 - French version (cass/box)
Genghis Khan (disks/inst/box)
Ishin no Arashi (disks/inst/box)
L'Empereur (disks/inst/box) (x2)
Music Editor "MUE" - French version (cart/box)
Nobunaga's Ambition - Zenkokuhan (cart/inst/box)
Sangokushi/Romance of the Three Kingdoms (cart/inst/box) (x2)
Snowball (cass/inst/box)
Suikoden - Tenmei no Chikai (disks/inst/box) water
Xak: The Art of Visual Stage (disks/inst/box)
Xak II: Rising of the Redmoon (disks/inst/box)

If anyone's interested, name your price and e-mail me ( I'm also interested in trading for the following games:

The Castle
Castle Excellent
Deep Forest
Dragon Slayer IV (MSX2 version)
Hudson Joycard controllers
MSX-DOS (Japanese version)
Super Triton
Triton (ROM version)

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