Metal Gear goes mobile!

Por ssfony

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26-09-2004, 19:24

Hi all,

At the Tokyo game show I saw something very nice! Konami online converted Metal Gear 2 to Java and makes it available on their i-mode and vodafone sites.

I've seen and played it and it looks pretty cool!
The guy from Konami even told me that it was an old game from MSX :)

If I'm right, it will be available from 1-10-2004. So I'll try to get it on a phone to show in Bussum. But I can't promise anything...


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Por Abi

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26-09-2004, 19:59

yes we knew it.
Look in the MSX in the Media Challenge - Nominees.

Por Latok

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26-09-2004, 20:17