About dumping of Matsushita 12X12 Dot Kanji ROM for FS-4600F / FS-CM1 / FS-A1FM

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27-12-2002, 07:25


I want to know how to dump Matsushita 12X12 Dot Kanji Rom for FS-4600F (MSX2) / FS-CM1 (MSX Modem) / FS-A1FM (MSX2 with Modem)

But unfortunately, I forgot to dump Matsushita's 12X12 dot Kanji ROM.

I found that that was my mistake.

So I must dump 12X12 dot Kanji ROM (KANJI12.ROM)

According to 12X12 dot Kanji ROM spec, this is within 128KB. (JIS 1st Class).

This 12X12 dot Kanji is different from MSX's standard Kanji Font.

MSX's standard Kanji can be accessed from I/O port D8 -

D9h (JIS 1st) or D8 - DBh (JIS 1st+2nd).

But maybe this Matsushita's Kanji uses special I/O port

for Matsushita's machines.

Matsushita's 12X12 dot Kanji was accepted by FS-4600F

(MSX2) / FS-CM1 (MSX Modem) / FS-A1FM (MSX2 with Modem)

KANJI.ROM is for Standard MSX Kanji (16X16dot)

FS-4600F's Rom BIOS can be found from there. (Except

KANJI12.ROM -- 128KB?)


I think to dump(implement) 12X12 dot Kanji Rom (Matsushita's

Specification Kanji), anyone must analysis the FS4600F3.ROM (1Mb).

Because 12X12 dot Kanji Rom can be used when user run

Layout Mode on Word Processor.

So I think the access method of 12X12 dot Kanji can be

found on FS4600F3.ROM.

The main point is when you run 1.Word Processor (Japanese)

and enter 1.(new), you can enter Japanese Word Processor.

Then if you push F4 key, you can see Layout Menu

1.40XX 2.80XX.

If you push 1 or 2, you can see the Layout Mode.

But its Layout Mode can see 12X12 dot Kanji on Real


Unfortunately, FS4600F.ZIP doesn't have 12X12 dot Kanji

Rom font. (KANJI12.ROM)

This KANJI12.ROM is different from KANJI.ROM of course.

So to find dumping method, maybe you must see FS4600F3.ROM


For details you had better WA80-0.JPG / WA80-1.JPG / WA80-2.JPG

WA80-1.JPG : Layout Menu (1.40 Letter / 2.80 Latter) --


WA80-0.JPG : Layout Mode (80 Latter) -- Original With

12X12 dot Kanji (shown correctly) -- FS-4600F (Real)

WA80-2.JPG : Layout Mode (80 Latter) -- Original With

12X12 dot Kanji (doesn't shown correctly) -- OpenMSX

You can find these pictures from here.


I found that if you launch FS-4600F with openMSX, you can

see the menu 3.Jusho/Meishi 4.BASIC too.

If you select 3, you can enter Jusho/Meishi.

I tested this.

But unfortunately Joshu/Meishi's layout mode can't be

shown 12X12 dot Kanji too.

I'll attach JUSHO-0.JPG / JUSHO-1.JPG

Also I attached FNT-CM1*.* / K12.*

FNT-*.* are the 12X12 Dot Kanji Rom Font Driver for DS2

System for Gigamix.



It is very useful to make 12X12 Dot Kanji Rom's Dumping


So, Kichi made K12.COM reference to FNT-CM1*.*

But unfortunately it doesn't dump 12X12 Dot Kanji Rom

correctly. (maybe)

I think to make 12X12 dot Kanji Rom Dumping Tool, you had

better see FS4600F3.ROM detailly.

Can anyone make KANJI12.ROM dump utility?

This is different from original 16X16 Dot Kanji Rom's.

It can't be accessed through D8-DBH

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Por snout

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08-02-2003, 02:49

Did you manage to get a proper dump already, Atarulum?

Por roytam1

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30-12-2013, 03:36

I wonder if MESS BIOS fs4600.zip has a correct dump?
I can even make BDF from it.

because it use 18 bytes to store a 12x12 character (3 bytes for 2 lines), so it holds 7280 characters in 128KB ROM, and seems first 14 bytes are unused.