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Por BiFi

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18-10-2004, 11:39

there are 3 ways of data export: asm (assembly source files), bas (MSX-BASIC compatible files, pattern and color table are saved 3 times within the file) and raw (headerless files with just 1 time pattern or color table).

The other buttons are to do the actual exporting (palette, patterns, colors). The binary headers for the MSX-BASIC type are set to the default locations of the tables for SCREEN 2 and SCREEN 4. Two simple BLOAD,S structures are enough to put them in the right place.

Por wolf_

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18-10-2004, 11:41

we'll see what we can do .. Smile

but again: when loading bmp's etc., do you asume that those bmp's are sc2/4-ready? So, only 2 colors per line of 8 pixels?

Por viejo_archivero

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18-10-2004, 11:50

yep, I assume the 2 colors per byte thing so no conversion needed. Except palette adaptation, I guess... Smile

Por wolf_

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14-03-2005, 15:14

For a while I've thinking on ideas for Polka II .. the 'II' indicates major new stuff, not just an update of the current Polka, it would also mean a rewrite of certain parts. By itself that's not strange, since the original Polka was made within a week orso, after seeing there were ppl desperately messing around with all kinda converters, just to try/use VScreen. So it was all done a bit in a hurry ^_^.

Current news is that I made a refined button-object, a major new texture-generator (to be used for buttons/icons etc.), and a help-manager! So yes, buttons in any new app from me finally have button-help. Big smile This is in the form of a remote statusbar. (think of the statusbar in Photoshop, but then a small stylish remote-window that can be tucked away in some corner)

I won't start on Polka II today .. need to do some other things as well (RoA editor-features, other game-related stuff etc.) but when I start I'd like a list of doable suggestions from ppl ^_^. (so, not only from beardo_archivero Smile )

Things I've planned myself for Polka II are:
- bigger application window (byebye to the cute 640x480 one)
- support for 32x24 characters, rather than only 32x8, hence the bigger window
- various image importers, including sc2, sc5, ge5, bmp (these last 3 might go through a converter if you didn't stick to the 'rules' Smile )
- MSX1-mode and MSX2-mode (in MSX1-mode: true MSX1 colors, rather than the 'MSX2' colors)
- high-level colorsystem (also for MSX1-mode), to be used to re-index colors to new locations. This is handy for lighting effects and global color changes.
- high-level character manager
- functional map-editor .. not sure about this one, but a simple map-editor should be possible I guess. I aim for 2 modes: normal maps and macro maps. The normal maps are typical maps, a macro map is a list with macros, each macro has a width/height/xpos/ypos/colorscheme/../.., This means that for a platformgame for example, you could create a map with platforms that -except a single platform macro definition- only takes a few bytes to store. The use of this will be clear when you realise that The Goonies has 100 screens and the rest of the music/code/gfx all in a 32k ROM.

add yours Smile
(either here in this topic, or #msxdev @ irc.rizon.org)

Por Maggoo

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14-03-2005, 18:12

Great ideas, I like the map editor thing also. The number of levels for the Goonies and Metal Gear 1 always puzzled me.

Oh one important thing to make it usable: Documented file format Smile

Por zett

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14-08-2006, 22:59

If you gona work on it again plz make a basic autoput form like data lines. and a sc1 mode

Por wolf_

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14-08-2006, 23:09

Next polka will be the 2nd polka.. dunno when I'll continue with it, I'm somewhat busy with things atm, and when I'm done with that I'm busy with our game (which surprisingly can be done with Polka1 and some small tools). I'm not ever going to touch Polka1's code for anything.. Tongue

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