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31-12-2002, 09:23

Hi I'm Bart Smile Born in 1977 I started my MSX addiction when I was 8 (1985). Started off with playing cassette games Smile Quickly developing an interest in MSX Basic and Basicode. Started making myself some things like textadventures and stuff...

At some MSX meeting in my neighbourhood I met Hamish, we started Cain together. But we both could not code ASM or compose music. So that story ended pretty quickly Tongue

After half a year we met Bard. Bard was into ASM coding MSX tools at that time. We showed our gfx skillz (hmwuahahaha!) and Bard joined Cain. After a year or 2 Hamish was kicked out coz he had done nothing to this point.

Some of the shit Cain delivered: Bozo's Big Adventure (woei), The Truth, Focus, Endless numbers of intro's for Sunrise Magazine, Picturedisk and Special. A handful of MSX tools like the DOS2 disktools. All in all we made over 15 demo's and intro's and about 10 other productions.

We used to hang out in North-Holland, which is also the neighbourhood of MCWF, Anma, and RMF. So, that was our main scene Smile After 1994 I stopped doing things on MSX and started doing things for MSX (like MRC).

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