FS-A1FX/WX/WSX memory area PCB repair

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Por dhau

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31-10-2007, 02:09

Due to papa_november's hardships with upgrade, I killed the MSX Mods blog. If someone still wants to do the upgrade, use either original japanese info or Clifer's tutorial: myhome.naver.com/clifer98/menu2.html

Por Tabajara-Labs

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25-11-2007, 02:20

Dhau, would you mind posting that (big!) top photo of the WSX board again? Thanks!

Por Anddretb

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09-01-2009, 17:56

Hello to all !!! I bought the Panasonic FS-A1WX and tried to do upgrade in memory up to 512K. Accidentally, I closed 5V and GND ( J2 and J3 linked together ) and the T9769A NOT died, only the memory died. For those who think that the Engine died, review all the connections before to "send" in the trash your FS. Smile

Por luppie

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16-05-2011, 21:00

I'm also upgrading my FS-A1FX to 256kb and having the same problem. As soon as I short J3 the computer doesn't boot and I get a black screen. If I open J3 the MSX is booting (with the new memory) but only 64kb is addressed. Next step for me is to measure both sides of J3 and the side next to the T9769 has GND and the other side of J3 has +5V

Something tells me that this is a bad combination GND & +5V

Next step for me was to cut the PCB track going to pin 52 of the T9769 and put a 5V straight on pin 52, but again black screen.

Does someone has the solution to put 256kb in the FS-A1FX ??

Por luppie

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17-05-2011, 01:07

After 4 hours searching the web, i finaly found a description on how to solve this issue.

It's in Japanese, but google translate is very helpfull.

For the FS-A1FX you have to cut Jumper 2 and short Jumper 3.
It's almost not visible that Jumper 2 is connected by default, cause the silkscreen is printed in top of the pcb track.

After cutting Jumper 2 and shorting Jumper 3, my MSX 2+ boots up with a nice 256kb bootscreen.

Just to make this post complete (cause I know now how hard to find it is to upgrade this machine)

Step 1: Remove IC 22 & IC 23
Step 2: Move C89 & C90 to position C88 & C91
Step 3: Put in the DRAM Modules* in IC 21 & IC 24
Step 4: Cut Jumper 2
Step 5: Short Jumper 3

* = I used HYB514256B-70 256Kx4 Dram

Next step is to add an YM2413 and FM-Bios in this machine. I have 2 spare YM2413 IC's and already soldered an IC socket for it on the mainboard.
I'll keep you posted.

Por luppie

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17-02-2014, 22:32

Is Alexandre_Taito still reachable ? Tried his mail, but it is not in use anymore.

Por Matthew Splett

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05-06-2017, 08:58

I took on this 512k upgrade on my FS-A1FX this weekend. All of the references I find stop short before illustrating the 512k mod so I snapped a few pictures:

pic of msx engine rework

pic of 512k dram

In the first you can see connecting the lead from pin 50 to the wires attached to pin 17 on the DRAM. And the lifting and bridging of pin 51 to pin 52.

You can also see remnants of a near fatal mistake, where I bridged a streak of pins below 50 with solder... luckily I was able to remove it with solder wick.


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