Wanted: NEC PC Engine CD-Rom2 and MSX2

Por Gorgane

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11-03-2005, 14:28

I have been looking for a PC Engine CD-Rom2 unit for quite a while now. I already have the main console and Interface Unit. All i need is the CD-drive itself in working condition, no box, PSU etc. required. Yellowing, scratches, etc. don't matter either. I'm willing to buy 20-50 euros for this thing, depending on condition and shipping costs.

I can pay for it with a wire transfer within the EU, PayPal might be possible too, but my account is not yet verified, but it probably will be in the near future.

I'm also looking for a MSX2 machine. I think a Philips one with no detachable keyboard would be the best option for me as i only use MSX to play games, so as long as all cart games work other things don't really matter and shipping would be cheaper too. The machine must have composite output through RCA or SCART connector and a European 220-240V PSU. No box or other stuff required, but SCART and power cables would be nice. Price: 15-20e for main unit only+shipping.

Mail to gorgane@luukku.com "> gorgane@luukku.com or answer on this thread.

I live in Finland, if somebody want's to know.:)

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