Wammes Witkop on Dutch National television

Por snout

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23-03-2005, 00:41


Just click the picture and see for yourself ;)

To the non-dutch: The guy with the beard you can see up here is the legendary MSX-guru Wammes Witkop, publisher and editor of the MCM (MSX Computer Magazine) and later publisher of MCCM (MSX Computer Club Magazine). Recently, Wammes briefly returned to the MSX community as the juror to the MRC Snowfall Challenge.

Thanks to Manuel for sending it in! :)

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Por poke-1,170

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23-03-2005, 01:57

I wonder how he thinks about shooting ducks? meneer piet wouldn't approve of it Big smile

Por BiFi

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23-03-2005, 07:22

unless piet is the one shooting the duck? Smile
according to the fragment it's possible with internet these days...

Por Vampier

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23-03-2005, 08:41

Wow the dude is getting old Wink

Por Manuel

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23-03-2005, 09:26

Thanks to my brother Jochen to inform me about it Smile

Por Alex Ganzeveld

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23-03-2005, 13:41

Lachen Gieren, Brullen dames en heren! Hertje Schieten $1! --- for the non Dutch:

Laughing, Screaming, Moaning ladies and gentlemen! Deartje Shooting $1!

This movie is about a website where you can shoot a rifle from behind your PC. Wammes is explaining that it isn't that hard to shoot Bambi form behind your desktop nowadays.

Thank god I don't like Disney...

Por wolf_

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23-03-2005, 15:42

it's tempting to photosoup that beard away Smile

Por AuroraMSX

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23-03-2005, 17:42

Just click the picture...

Damn proxy here doesn't allow streaming shit Sad
Any decent non-streaming URL where I can get the video clip from?

Por sergem

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23-03-2005, 19:41

it's tempting to photosoup that beard away Smile

I think without the beard he would look like Jack Nicholson .... Smile

Por wolf_

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23-03-2005, 20:47

That would be evil Big smile