SVI-728 color feature.


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24-03-2005, 15:36


In SVI-728 there was one special feature, that has been bothering me many years now. There was some pretty simple (software) trick to switch green color from color pallette to brown! IIRC it was precisely color 12. I remember that this was really cool as other MSX computers didn't have a brown color. Smile

Does anyone have idea, what the command(s) was??? How does this work in hardware vice? Could it be possible that it was done by using VDP under recommended voltage or some other similar kind of trick?

Ps. I really mean 728 not 738 and I've seen it with my own eyes!

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Por hap

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24-03-2005, 16:09

I remember it too, something like:


.. and then stand away 3 yards from your screen Tongue
This probably works better on an old tv. Other colour combinations are also possible.


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24-03-2005, 16:47


I know that this sounds stupid, but it is definately there... I remember I had just got a new cool game: BMX-simulator from local store and using this trick, you could change the sand color to quite right! Smile

Por ccfg

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24-03-2005, 16:58

Bit 0 of VDP R#0 (external video input) selects the better looking colors on SVI-728. Smile



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24-03-2005, 17:21

Ah, yes! That must be it! Thank you!!! I was already starting to doubt working of my own head!

Por gargamel

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24-03-2005, 19:25

That was really cool :-)

Btw. please let me know if you stumble across the original disks.


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24-03-2005, 20:24

??? BMX-Simulator was a cassette game and it was actually not that cool...