Ray casting for turboR - version 4

por snout en 05-02-2012, 18:36
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Arturo Ragozini (ARTRAG) has released an updated version of his 3D Ray Casting engine for MSX turboR. Those who were already impressed by his previous display of pure MSX power are in for a good ride: by further optimizations Arturo managed to increase the resolution of the sprites and add mouse support, giving you that genuine First Preson Shooter feeling. Is Wolfenstein or Doom for MSX really going to happen, at last? This very impressive video certainly gets our hopes up high.

Developers who would like to help out improve this even further, or merely find out how Artrag made all this work can browse through the complete source code of this project right here on Google Code. Furthermore, in this forum topic on 3D raycasting a lot of information on the progress of the project is revealed.

For those who can't wait to get this running on their own turboR there is good news as well, as there now is a playable demo available in the form of a DSK image. For the time being, emulator users are encouraged to use openMSX or the latest beta version of blueMSX for all the graphics to be displayed properly. 

Relevant link: Arturo's Ray Casting engine on Google Code

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Por Akiguchi

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05-02-2012, 19:25

Just awesome! Looking forward to get this running on real Turbo R. Smile

Por mars2000you

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05-02-2012, 23:34

To see the demo on blueMSX 2.8.3 beta, try this version :

The more recent version is here :
As there is a bug in blueMSX, it will not work.


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06-02-2012, 10:08

Use them or real HW or with openmsx. R800 is buggy under bluemsx (even in the 2.8.3 beta).

In revision 1 the code does not test for bugs in the r800 emulation at startup, but in any case, the error in bluemsx will affect the scalers causing time by time the wrong subroutine to be called...
This means that some columns in complex textures could appear wrong when seen from very close


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07-02-2012, 23:00

Snout, I've just read through the whole news:  there are some points to make clearer
- Wouter did the major work  optimising in asm the raycaster: without his contribution the framerate would have been measured in seconds per frame (not in frames per second)
- mouse control was supported since past October
- the whole development package is online since the very beginning of the project (two years ago) at the very same page

Por Manuel

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08-02-2012, 20:42

By the way, it runs great on a real turboR too Smile (Just tested that.)

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