Slot expander

Por msxholder

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23-03-2012, 20:17

Is the time right for an correct working slot expander if the components are available?

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Por RetroTechie

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23-03-2012, 23:50

As a 1chipMSX owner I can't think of what I would need a slotexpander for.

But reading between the lines I'd say many MSX users would like to have one. So if you make 'm, and the price is right, people will buy 'm. Smile2

Oh and components are available (connectors included) if you look around.

Por frits9164

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24-03-2012, 01:40

When you are a RETROTECHIE and repair MSX you can also make a slotexpander for your self! Or not? And you can decide  the price of the components your selfs . And if YOUR LOOK AROUND you can decide what you want to buy!!!
I want say not more, only what want to say is be glad with your 1CHIPmsxje.

Por marcoo

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24-03-2012, 07:01

Mine is broken and don't know if someone can make it i've to much cartrigdes
that I want  to use together IDE Moonsound Fm Pac Musicmodule and more
So I want one