Por frits9164

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29-09-2012, 16:51

Hello to everbody,
I want to program I²C chips in MSX Basic?
Is that possible? When it is possible how to do it?
Can some one help me about this theme?
I'm very happy when there is solution for it!!
Best regards Frits
Big smile

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Por Pac

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29-09-2012, 20:21

Hi, some Brazilian users adapted a Wii nunchuck using I2C bus + MSX-BASIC loader. Look at the newspost, probably they can help you.

Por Miguel_Noe

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29-09-2012, 20:43

If possible.
looking for I2C communication protocol.
Poor MSX, moving from 8 data lines only 2.
Remember, everything that works with 1 and 0 can be connected to each other... Smile

Por st1mpy

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05-07-2021, 13:43

I2c use on msx video I linked this video on a different thread, but in terms of giving msx a i2c capability, the video shows 2 ways communication possibilities. I hope to do demos of msx talking to other i2c devices like eeprom to load games, an i2c display, dac or adc, I saw someone implement psg and scc on a mcu so we can even have a cheap psg/scc sound card.

Por Danjovic

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06-07-2021, 01:30

I have some I2C stuff on the joystick port here.