could You list all the pinball classics?

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Por [D-Tail]

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07-09-2005, 20:13

POISONIC: how far would you go? I mean, applying physics laws and all, I'd really like to make a decent billiards game, which lacks in the MSX repository at the moment. Pack-in-video's Family Billiards was pretty good, but I'd like to expand that (faster, bigger (as in, maybe even scrolling across the table) and more natural). For instance, I'd like to have the possibility to exactly aim at a certain spot on the cue ball (P-I-V's Family Billiards can do so as well Smile), so that trickshots can be achieved. That's pretty heavy, because there's usually about 16 balls in a game of pool, and breaking causes all balls to move in one way or the other. Now isn't Pinball as intricate as pool/snooker/any other type of billiards game, but then again, some stunning GFX wouldn't harm Wink.
I can't recall the name of that wonderful Amiga pinball game...
Concerning Pinball: it's not only the balls and the flippers and the pin that move -- to make such a game really appealing, even full screen background animations were implemented! I'd really like to see such a thing on MSX2/turboR w/ GFX9000.

Por Abi

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07-09-2005, 21:05

Por spl

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08-09-2005, 08:15

yes yes! I had Pinball on the Vectrex as well! It rocked way hard! The vectrex was quite an unusual system after all..

This a perfect example: how a strange and limited system can have a good Pinball. I think that MSX 2 (or MSX 1, remember Roller Ball) can have a good pinball. Also, if it has this specs, most msx users will enjoy it.


Por Tanni

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08-09-2005, 11:09

The physics are not that difficult really. The problem is that it may not be doable on z80 at reasonable speed. So the challenge will be to find a balance between realism and speed.

maybe you missed a point its for gfx9990 its so bloody fast and btw what could be so hard in making the calculations?
even a space shuttle's reley on a z80 CPU (the whole space shuttle releys on 9 z80's)....... so telling me that the z80 would not able to make an engine to make a realistic movement in combination with realistic gravity.... yes some heavy math calculations yes........ but a z80 is fast enough to make an pinball engine i it was not possible it would rain space shuttles.... Smile the last one had a heatshield problem the first one had a o ring failure...... the space shuttle consists out of 8 Math Z80 based computers..... a 9nd computer calculates the results of the 8 math computers wich do the same calculations......

POISONIC, this information about the Z80s in a Space shuttle is very interesting. Former MIR station has had an MSX on board, but Z80s in a Space shuttle is new to me. Would you please open a new thread with the links respectively.

Por Edwin

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08-09-2005, 20:24

If there are any Z80s in the Space Shuttle at all, it's not in the critical system. The original board computer was actually based on the S/360 mainframe, which was already know to be reliable when the shuttle programme started. In fact, the z80 didn't even exist back when the programme started. Over time the systems have been upgraden a few times. I think currently a lot of systems run on 386 procs.

Por wolf_

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08-09-2005, 21:27

question is how much cpu power you need to operate/drive/fly a shuttle .. It's the rocket-motors that do the work. You might want to read out the status of a motor ... do you need rocketscience for that? Tongue


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08-09-2005, 23:07

it made calculations that a human could not do the flight system..... but i gues my friend discovery science gave me the wrong info...

Por Edwin

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08-09-2005, 23:22

In the early days, computations were not done in realtime, flight programmes were calculated before they were needed.

But to get back to topic. For a realistic pinball simulation just having some bounce calculations is not enough. It's the spin/friction calculations that give it the edge. I'm pretty sure the z80 can't handle that in realtime.


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09-09-2005, 10:56

im pretty sure it is doable Smile
de ball moves to l/r and the tabel vertical......

Por 80_psu

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09-09-2005, 23:59

This debate makes me wanna know more about MSX applications/games with realtime phisical modeling. I remember on game, where You hit the small ball and it runs pretty fast across all the screen. I think it was in a little labyrinth.. remember?

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