Crisis Alma - Videogame Series - Retro Crisis vol 1

Crisis Alma - Videogame Series - Retro Crisis vol 1

por snout en 28-12-2012, 13:07
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Crisis Alma have released a free album full of heavy metal MSX arrangements. You might have heard of this band before, as they performed on the 40th MSX RU user meeting in Barcelona, last year.

The complete track listing of the CD is as follows:

  1. Salamander - Operation Seedleek (Prologue BGM)
  2. Salamander - Power of Anger (Stage 1 BGM)/Poison of Snake (Boss BGM)
  3. F-1 Spirit - F-1 Shuffle (Title BGM)/F-1 Spirit (F-1 BGM)
  4. Gradius 2 - Return (Ending demo 1 BGM)
  5. King's Valley 2 - Start menu BGM/Stage 1 BGM
  6. Gradius 2 - Stage 1 BM
  7. F-1 Spirit - Hot Summer Riding (Stock Car & F-3 BGM)
  8. Salamander - Departure Again (Ending Demo 1 BGM)

The download includes a printable cover for the CD. Those interested in acquiring an original CD can contact Crisis Alma - and for a little bit of money they will get a personalized cover in return.

Relevant link: Crisis Alma - Videogame Series - Retro Crisis vol 1

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  • Crisis Alma - Videogame Series - Retro Crisis vol 1
  • Crisis Alma - Videogame Series - Retro Crisis vol 1

Comentarios (10)

Por ray2day

Paladin (743)

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28-12-2012, 18:19

Hope they come and play in Nijmegen! Santa

Por JohnHassink

Ambassador (5672)

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28-12-2012, 18:31

@ ray2day: That would be awesome. Smile
@ Crisis Alma: Really epic that you're offering your hard work for free! Big smile

Por Jorito

Mr. Ambassadors (1790)

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28-12-2012, 18:53

Epic picture as well! Haven't listened to all songs yet, but already spotted some nice solos in there Wink

Por BlueCrystal

Expert (105)

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29-12-2012, 00:56

It rocks!

Por Sarcasmic

Master (149)

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29-12-2012, 11:39

Amazing !!!! Santa

Por Hydlide

Master (171)

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29-12-2012, 12:39


Por Manuel

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18-01-2019, 09:23

Can someone tell where the downloads went?

Por jepmsx

Master (254)

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28-12-2022, 10:39

I've found the news in konamito blog but there isn't any link to download it.

All i've found is this video in youtube

Por selios2000

Hero (574)

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28-12-2022, 22:25

Por BlueCrystal

Expert (105)

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28-12-2022, 22:29

I have downloaded those files back in the day and put them on my mp3 player when I go for a run. The music pumps Smile Though, very occasionally I listen to it.

Want me to upload them to this site (admins?), otherwise I'll drop you a note where to obtain them.