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Por Akiguchi

Hero (623)

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13-03-2013, 13:56

Nice list mesiasmsx! Are you good at japanese or how have you finished those text adventure games like Angelus or rpgs like Final Fantasy?

I just finished War of the Dead II, need to add it to my list. What a great game it was! I recommed it to everyone who loves survival horror with Metal Gear gameplay and nice story with lots of talking. Smile

Por mesiasmsx

Prophet (3444)

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13-03-2013, 20:50

Hi Akiguchi,

Thanks to your comment I remembered that ends well, War fo the dead 2, and also Dead Of the Brain Big smile.

Only read a bit of katakana. Final Fantasy I finished about eight or ten years. I'm just a crazy who loves Japanese MSX games and let myself be enveloped by the magic of a story without understanding just leads me to crush those games.

My technique in Final Fantasy was the same as in other RPGs. Visit all the hidden places, speak up with rocks, and the characters ^ ^! . Kill hundreds of monsters. And save states continuously.

I also like AVG. I'm almost at the end of PSY-O-Blade. In Angelus i recommended hear with MIDI PAC soundtrack is very good! .

My technique is similar. Trying to read katakana, as when an archaeologist wants deciphering the scrolls of Dead Sea XD. And review all options.

Totally agree with you with the game War of the Dead. I started playing in Japanese. But an error in the old version hacked disk, caused the game to crash completely certain area. I have Original, 1-2 Big smile,and Angelus.

Until the arrival of the English translation ...! Hallelujah!

Por Feiraco

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11-09-2018, 23:57

Did anyone ever finish Grog's Revenge? I played it a lot last year and just cannot finish the final level. Not even with the minimum amount of clues on the internet......

Por mfeingol

Champion (293)

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12-09-2018, 08:08

Here's the list of games I can recall finishing without cheating:

Abu Simbel Profanation
Aleste Gaiden
Arkanoid II
City Connection
Daiva V
Ikari Warriors
Magical Tree
Maze of Galious
Penguin Wars II
Rastan Saga
Who Dares Wins 2

Por jepmsx

Master (254)

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12-09-2018, 10:16

Konami's Soccer: If beating the machine at level 5 can be considered beating it.
Penguin Adventure: But always finding the princess dead. Until many years later I discovered that you need to take the shortcuts. But I never played it long enough again to achieve it.
Aleste 2
Maze of Galious
Treasure of Usas
Fray (in magical adventure)
Illusion City

Por Feiraco

Master (140)

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12-09-2018, 18:08

jepmsx wrote:

Konami's Soccer: If beating the machine at level 5 can be considered beating it.

That should do it! Smile
It's a pity that level 5 wasn't that difficult to beat after some practice.

Por AndreV

Master (232)

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25-09-2020, 18:54

Metal gear
King's valley
hyper rally
road fighter level A
yie ar kuing fu 1,2
Konami's boxing
the goonies
ping pong
flight deck 2
SD Snatcher
Magical tree
Metal gear 2

Por dan

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13-10-2020, 20:37

recently finished dragon slayer 4. never finished that one when child. feel a better man now...

Por The Apeman

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14-10-2020, 08:37

Road Fighter
Metal Gear
Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
SD Snatcher
Ys I
Ys II (as of yesterday)

Por mcolom

Champion (316)

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16-10-2020, 13:56

I've just finished Bounder now, for the first time! Smile

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