Cannot start Zanac-ex

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Por mars2000you

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19-02-2013, 15:42

YuN wrote:

The problem was not with the game but with fMSX. Works great under blueMSX!
Thanx again for that very nice emulator. I especially liked the possibility to save and load at any moment; however, sometimes loading makes the emulator to hang Sad The possibility to change CPU speed while playing is also very useful.

You can eventually try blueMSX 2.8.3 beta

It's a version without installer, you need to unzip it in a new directory

Por YuN

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19-02-2013, 16:51

I don't trust betas...

Por Daemos

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19-02-2013, 17:34


I don't trust betas...

I am using a beta version of a assembler. Never had any problems Wink

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