MSXdev'14 - Buster Mystery announced

MSXdev'14 - Buster Mystery announced

por viejo_archivero en 13-10-2013, 08:48
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Here we have another announced entry: Buster Mystery!

Well, Gamecast is again on board! Keeping the old-school single-screen platformer style form previous years, it seems now we will have to play as a deadly ninja killing monsters and ghosts. A 10 minutes video showing ingame footage for the game can be watched here!

Want to show the MSX world your best? always wanted to learn, but never finished a project? MSXdev'14 gives you the prizes, the attention and the deadlines you were looking for! Join the contest now!

Relevant link: Buster Mystery

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Por mars2000you

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04-07-2014, 12:52

The game does not have been submitted to the MSXdev'14 contest, but is available on the Gamecast website :

Does someone have infos about the reasons why the game was not submitted to the contest ? I guess you will say that the problem is the 'originality' of the graphics/musics used in the game, but I want to know ...

Por gasparrini

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05-07-2014, 14:44

Hi Dear viejo_archivero and Dear Benoit(mars2000you),

Of course, this my new videogame it is been finished being developed.
For me and also for Danysoft it is been a big work for us !

However, Buster Mystery its development is finished with only 4 levels of play.
But however I think which its gameplay is enough quick !!

I would like ask to viejo_archivero, if he could do an update of this announce
because I have do of the new video of this videogame called BUSTER MYSTERY.

Direct link you tube BUSTER MYSTERY version 3.6:
But however I had other update coming to version 3.7 with new songs music.

Indeed the new link direct it is:


I am sorry very much again with the whole community of the MSX world, if I used
the sound effects are not original, and if I could also use not original graphics.

However, Good fun with BUSTER MYSTERY and Happy MSX FOREVER !!
Best Regards

Por gasparrini

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05-07-2014, 15:04

Instructions for BUSTER MYSTERY for MSX1.


MSX1 with 32KB RAM and 16KB VRAM


Kabamaru is the name of the last race dela Iga Ninja during the last feudal lord was commissioned by the most important in regaining their possessions looted during the last war. Kabamaru must sneak inside the various buildings and steal the 5 keys that will enable him to win the next building . During missions will have to be very careful at the various enemies who do not seem to be human nature, in fact, a witch has awakened the demons of various Eastern mythologies that can be killed with the shuriken thrown by Kabamaru . Reconquest of the palaces of feudal lord and make your honor to thy seed ninja ! Good Luck!

To the achievement of the 30,000 points you get an extra life , a sound effect will confirm it .

You receive a score bonus for each advanced level
Then for every casket taken , you get a bonus of 100 points , 200 points for every safe outlet , and for each trunk got 300 bonus points .
then you take more treasure and more bonus points you get .


DIRECTIONS: Use the cursor keys
FIRE: space bar to shoot shurekin

This manual accompanies the 64K ROM of the game and also BUSTER MYSTERY
all his sources for MSX systems .
To load the ROM emulator BLUEMSX , set the load

License Freeware Open Source ( c) 2014 GAMECAST Entertainment.