SCREEN2 Picture Viewer for MSX-DOS

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Por sd_snatcher

Prophet (3646)

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01-01-2020, 00:21

alexito wrote:

anybody can share some nice SC2 pictures with sprites so I can test that new feature?

Tip: You can find them here.

Por alexito

Paladin (761)

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01-01-2020, 17:16

Thanks, sd_snatcher.

Por gdx

Enlighted (6116)

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02-07-2021, 16:29

Here is 8 nice pictures for the SCREEN2 from:

Donwload link:

Por Randam

Paragon (1431)

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02-07-2021, 18:15

Talking about screen 2; what program can edit .sc2 files?

Por ~mk~

Champion (323)

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03-07-2021, 23:25

For PC, I think one of the best out there is Multipaint.

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