Alberto Orante has announced on his twitter feed that MSXTiles has evolved in a more generic TMS9918 tool with main focus on MSX. Although a new version is yet to be released, the GUI has been redesigned completely and support for SCREEN 0, SCREEN 1, tile sets, maps and sprites has been added. Reason enough to change the name into tMS gfX devtool.

All changes combined, tMS gfX devtool appears to become a complete graphics editor for the development of MSX games, demos and other software. Images can be loaded and saved in various different formats - including code generation in Z80 Assembly, C or BASIC.

Relevant link: aOrante blog

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Por Grauw

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15-02-2015, 10:28

Looks nice! Is there a possibility for a Mac OS X build?

Por raymond

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16-02-2015, 19:40

Code generation for Turbo Pascal would also be nice :-)

Por Bit Addict

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15-03-2015, 21:29

Does anyone know when the tool is released?