The year 2015 has not even started and Bitwise already announces the availability of Matra's re-releases for the coming MSX fair in Nijmegen, on Saturday January 24th 2015. The games in question are Ark-A-Noah, Sex Bomb Bunny, Don't Cock It Up, Moskow 2024 and Bakamoe Bunny. The Bitwise website has been outdated for a while, the webshop does not display all items and the news thread has not been updated. For any reservation, request, question or comment use the contact form or mail directly to

Relevant link: Bitwise
Relevant link: Matra

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Por Grauw

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05-01-2015, 19:11

Nice! I was waiting for the website update, but it looks like I’ll have the opportunity to buy some @ Nijmegen.


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06-01-2015, 02:46

Hurry up because there will be just a few units! This is a small batch under popular demanding, don't miss them!

In addition we have THE LAST UNITS for 'La Corona Encantada' and 'Invasion of the Zombie Monsters' as is the last availability for others titles so buy them or lost them forever. I.e. 'The Legend of Konami' book is out-of-stock from .

Por [D-Tail]

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17-01-2015, 23:46


Also expect Malaika2, Princess Quest, Mecha8, a steady supply of $hockware and more of The Good Stuff™. See you next week!

Por Manuel

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17-01-2015, 23:50

Coolness! Looking forward to get that demoed!

Por Grauw

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05-02-2015, 19:45

I got my set @ Nijmegen. Very nice, already had them on disk but cartridge is extra sexy! Smile