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Por Marq

Champion (387)

Imagen del Marq

08-04-2015, 14:31

Count me in. Not that I necessarily need one, but it's always good to buy everything that comes out because the stuff tends to disappear quick and terminally, too Smile

Por barroidh

Master (166)

Imagen del barroidh

08-04-2015, 14:38

I am interested too.

Por Omega

Master (233)

Imagen del Omega

08-04-2015, 16:49

Eric, I assume since there's serious amounts money involved, you need more than just "me too" Wink
I'm prepared to do a real pre order, aka: take my monies!
If all others who "me too'd" are serious as well, you're all set for the project Smile

Por ericb59

Paragon (1102)

Imagen del ericb59

08-04-2015, 17:39

Of course Omega.
I will start project as soon as I have money to buy all components (Even If I already have some in stock)
I will ask everyone to send me money with paypal as soon as I'm ready to start to build the cartridge in the factory line ! Question

Por AxelStone

Prophet (3199)

Imagen del AxelStone

08-04-2015, 17:49

No problem, Paypal is ready to start. Thanks for the cartridge Wink

Por tacop

Supporter (13)

Imagen del tacop

09-04-2015, 14:41


Please reserve three for me!

Por meits

Scribe (6543)

Imagen del meits

09-04-2015, 16:21

Hurray... The treshold has been reached easily... And yet more people can listen to a real OPL4 Smile

Por yzi

Champion (444)

Imagen del yzi

09-04-2015, 18:25

Nice, more OPL4 carts in the world. Once more I spam threads with a link to my MoonSound music system project
Just in case someone is interested in making MoonSound music with a modern Windows/Linux/Mac based XM tracker like MilkyTracker.

Por Omega

Master (233)

Imagen del Omega

09-04-2015, 18:31

YZI!!! Interested!!! MBWAVE is soo limited.. I'm going to try SOOTSOUND for sure! As long as XM->LTM will convert properly the samples to OPL4 formats Smile

Por yzi

Champion (444)

Imagen del yzi

09-04-2015, 18:50

Great. If you want to use the ROM samples, use the XI instruments in this ZIP file
Just don't change the sample names. The converter will look at the sample name and if it matches the right pattern, then the ROM sample will be used instead, and no sample will be written to disk.

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