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Por MichelM

Expert (90)

Imagen del MichelM

28-05-2015, 23:20

If there's still one available, then I'm interested.

Por AxelStone

Prophet (3199)

Imagen del AxelStone

28-05-2015, 23:31

KdL wrote:

nice I think but when a moonsound with msx-music emulation? Wink

Yeah but perhaps is better to use genuine MSX-Music since the moonsound has its own audio output, instead of MSX-Music that send the sound throught MSX output so you can hear the music in your TV Wink

Por nicksak

Supporter (6)

Imagen del nicksak

01-06-2015, 03:54

Wow - so sorry I missed out on this. Late to the party as usual.

Eric, there wouldn't happen to be any slots left?

Por ericb59

Paragon (1124)

Imagen del ericb59

01-06-2015, 07:40


check point : the 25 unit are in production. I will deliver before 15 of june.

@MichelM and nicksak : i have a little more components than necessary to face some problems.
i will perhaps have one or two more units... So send me an email and i will contact you back...

Por evulopah

Paladin (669)

Imagen del evulopah

01-06-2015, 12:00

Two thumbs up. Thanks for the update Eric.

Por nicksak

Supporter (6)

Imagen del nicksak

01-06-2015, 23:08

Eric: Thanks! E-mailed my interest. Standing by to pay as soon as you give the word!

Wow - it's awesome to be surrounded by so many MSX fans. Wish I'd known you all when I was the only kid in the neighbourhood who had one, back in the 80s in Sweden.

Por ericb59

Paragon (1124)

Imagen del ericb59

15-06-2015, 11:47

Check point !

I'm finishing the boards this week and testing them before shipping.
I already have some faulty, so I have to investigate.

Sorry for the late, but this time is need to bring you the best FM BLASTER cartridge i can. Tongue

Por HB-F9S

Champion (440)

Imagen del HB-F9S

30-06-2015, 13:32

There are any units available?

Por ericb59

Paragon (1124)

Imagen del ericb59

09-07-2015, 08:57

Hello Every body,

Building the FM blaster Batch was not an easy task. I had to face a lot of problems, and a lot of malfunctioning chips.
So I 'm very very sad because today, i have only 18 Working FM Blaster cartridges.

Next Monday, I will start to ship the working cartridges to customers.
This mean Actually I cannot provide a cartridge for all 25 customers.
7 of you will have to wait a little more weeks, time for me to order and receive new components and PCB.
I think I will be able to finish the batch at the end of August.

I 'm very sorry for this. I hope you will not angry against me oO
I promise I do my best Crying

Por nicksak

Supporter (6)

Imagen del nicksak

09-07-2015, 09:23

Hey Eric,

I think everyone here agrees that you have done a great job. Malfunctioning ships happen - no fault of yours. The fact that you remain committed and continue work is all anyone needs to know.

For those of us who arrived late to the party and didn't get in an order (there seems to be at least three of us in this thread) - is there any chance of you being able to order more components while you are at it, to complete a few more units? I don't mind the wait, and I would pay you today if you just say the word.

Keep up the great work - and don't forget to stop and enjoy the summer every once in a while, while working on this.


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