Mr Seek Kaivosseikkailu

Por Buleste

Master (158)

Imagen del Buleste

19-07-2015, 20:27

Does anyone have a copy of this game or know of a dump of this game as I have a friends who is desperate to play it but I can't find it anywhere. It's not even been dumped for the Spectravideo either.

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Por Manuel

Ascended (15531)

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19-07-2015, 21:16

Never heard of it... any more info?

Por jr

Champion (375)

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20-07-2015, 06:37

I had it in the eighties, might have been for the svi-328 though. I remember it was difficult until I drew a map of it to plan my journey ahead. I'm sorry I haven't saved any of the media I had back then.

Por missumj

Expert (72)

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20-07-2015, 12:06

TOSEC pack contains it. But I don't know where to download...

Por giangiacomo.zaffini

Champion (267)

Imagen del giangiacomo.zaffini

20-07-2015, 13:41

some MSX tosec pack are availble at


Por syn

Paragon (1916)

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20-07-2015, 13:45

What is the legality of those tosec packs?

Por Buleste

Master (158)

Imagen del Buleste

20-07-2015, 15:57

I tried tosec and not in the MSX and not in the Spectravideo.

@syn. Grey as with most old software