Starting with Linux desktop, any recommendations?

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Por Manuel

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18-09-2015, 20:00

Well, Silverlight development has been stopped by Microsoft, so, it's dying. Hopefully quickly. See also

Important things on Linux (very different than Windows):
- do not try to run other software than what comes in the distro. Because it's not going to be smoothly and you'll be sorry. The stuff in the distro is the stuff the distro developers carefully adjusted and packaged especially for the distro. In that respect, it's wise to choose a distro with many packages, which are well maintained. An exception is Wine, but use the Wine from your distro of course.
- don't download 'drivers' or other external stuff from the interwebz. See previous point: it's not going to work or it's not going to keep working if you ever get it to work. On LInux it either works out of the box, or it won't work at all (until someone makes it work of course).

To keep up-to-date I completely upgrade my Debian testing daily. No need to use backports or custom repositories (see also above, not a good idea anyway). But, every now and then (once every 5 years?), yes, something slips through and breaks. There's always the balance of new packages versus stability. For me, Debian testing is the perfect balance.

Now compiling openMSX with g++ 5.2.1 :)

Por tvalenca

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18-09-2015, 21:04

Wow, Silverlight is dying? what about Netflix? (which is Silverlight powered)

Por syn

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18-09-2015, 21:11

yeah I had to install google chrome to watch netflix lol


Por Marq

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18-09-2015, 21:26

My 2 cents: go with Mint in case you just want things to work (I prefer the MATE variant, but that's just me).

And maybe to elaborate a bit on that:

  • Familiar oldskool user interface without gimmicks like Unity
  • Ubuntu packages work and thus there's plenty of software available
  • Proprietary drivers and codecs are installed by default if you so please – less hassle again

Por syn

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18-09-2015, 22:40

I'll give mint a go on a second pc thanks for the tip Big smile

Por Manuel

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18-09-2015, 22:46

syn, Chrome doesn't support Silverlight either... I guess Netflix also uses other stuff than Silverlight.

Por syn

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18-09-2015, 23:04

iirc it uses html5 but the main problem is that it checks browser/os type.

Por Daemos

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18-09-2015, 23:17


Still undecided what to use for music production (windows or linux), main issue would be windows VSTs (although I have read they work now under linux also with some workaround, but I have yet to check if the important once run perfect).

I make music in linux and VST's work perfectly.

Por mtn

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19-09-2015, 02:04

I started with Slackware 3.0 back in 19941995, and through the years I've been through alot of different distros.. A few that I think stands out alittle extra, Debian, Gentoo and Arch Linux.

Wine can be useful, but personally I prefer running "windows-only" apps using Virtualbox or similar

Por pitpan

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19-09-2015, 10:23

+1 for Linux Mint. It has all the friendliness and support from Ubuntu without the shitty Unity interface. I am currently using Linux Mint in Mate flavour and it works like a charm (versions 17.1 and up). And I use it mainly for web development, worprocessing and spreadsheets, browsing the net and a bit of everything, even if I must admit that I only play emulators, not "modern" games.

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