Restore/Repair Metal Gear 2 Box

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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15-11-2015, 16:15

Hello, I'm very new to msx in fact I'm in only to complete my metal gear collection. I got Metal Gear 2 at a bargain price but the plastic sleeve on the box look damaged due to heat or something. anyone tried to restore this before ? Any tips ?

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Por Manuel

Ascended (17869)

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15-11-2015, 22:16

What do you call a bargain price? Smile (Sorry, just interested...)

Por TheKid

Paragon (1149)

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11-02-2016, 07:47

I have Metal Gear 2 aswell, and mine also has a plastic sleeve around it that seems to get more worn out over time. Where sd-snatcher en snatcher have the same box but here the plastic sleeve is tight.