CocoaMSX and Snow Leopard support

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Por tvalenca

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04-03-2016, 19:48

Since 10.9, OSX has a new scheme of virtual memory, with routines for compressing less used frames. Most of that unused frames goes to disk, and because of the compression, the page-out process could take longer. On my 4GB 5200 RPM HDD Mac Mini, it literally frozes for a few seconds on a regular basis (any memory usage peak) before it can acknowledge any action I ordered it. If I click anywhere during this "frozen lapse" it may not recognize clicks and keystrokes at all!!!

Another point is that OSX actually need some free memory to compress a memory frame before caching it and page outing it or not, so, there's a slight increase on OSX baseline memory consumption. But this isn't as important as the faster mass storage, since memory management can deal with phisical memory shortage, but it can't make HDD work faster so it have to wait data to be properly written on disk to continue.

There are some articles online about changing the Memory management scheme. I've tried some of them on my Mini, only to find out that even with all the freeze ups, if you are a heavy/intense user type, its better to leave the OSX using the default memory management scheme. On my experience, the machine worked a little faster and did not freeze up any time with alternative Memory Management schemes, until it hanged in a way I had to press & hold power button and let the PSU shuts down because nothing responded anymore.

So you'll need more RAM and faster storage, but the beneficts are higher than on older OSX versions. (yes, a 2.56GHz Core 2 Duo is fast enough for it. Maybe the 2.0GHz version is still fast enough.) I couldn't make this test yet, but if you have to choose which upgrade to make first I think getting a SSD will make your computer more usable than getting more than 4GB of RAM.

Por kanima

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04-03-2016, 20:14

10.10.5 for now, but I'll be upgrading to 10.11.* sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Por gdx

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05-03-2016, 01:34

Can you open/create FAT12 disk images with OS X 10.7 or newer?
Can you format flash cards in FAT16 with OS X 10.7 or newer?
Can you make easily a bootable disk to intall OSX?
And since OSX 10.7 we must inevitably to go through the app store with registration required. Sad

Por tvalenca

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05-03-2016, 06:03

I've formatted 720kB disks on OSX 10.9 using my trustworthy IBM USB floppy drive. I've also wrote dsk images to disk using Disk Utility app.

Por Wild_Penguin

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05-03-2016, 12:12

There are details on how to make a bootable OS X installation (for 10.9 at least and the same process probably applies to newer OS Xs too) online, Google will help you. I don't remember the details, but the upgrade was downloaded trough app store and then stopped before the actual upgrade. It wasn't a complicated process at all, since there is everything needed to make a re-distributeable DVD image in the downloaded upgrade (or, whatever that can fit the image and boot from it - I actually used a memory card for the clean install process).

Por uberjack

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29-03-2016, 05:23

Thanks everyone for responding. It looks like the next version will be 10.7 or higher. While I primarily wanted to do this on account of Sparkle, there are other reasons - for one, I was able to finally ditch the somewhat dated JSON parser and switch to a native one. 10.7 should also make it easier for me to add new UI features in Preferences.

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