Wireless pad for NES. Why not for MSX? ;(

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Por Manuel

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27-04-2016, 15:23

As was mentioned before: check out the Sony JS-75 set...

Por gdx

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27-04-2016, 15:41

Sony JS-75 are not good joysticks. I have them. Sega Megadrive controllers are better.

Por Lord_Zett

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27-04-2016, 15:54

quickshot wireless pads are nice.

Por syn

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27-04-2016, 15:58

Grauw wrote:

I would love to have an MSX version of that 8bitdo x Analogue (supporting Joymega).

Reminds me of this recent forum post.

A wile back I was looking for a new joypad for PC, I was thinking about picking up a 8bitdo crissaegrim (yes a castlevania tribute) but in the end opted for a generic PS4 pad.

Por sd_snatcher

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27-04-2016, 22:57

gdx wrote:

Original Sega wireless controllers for the Megadrive + adapter x2 + cable x2 are expensive and not very practical to use.

Only one one adapter is needed if you only want to play with one joystick. And you can build the joymega into the extension itself, thus reducing the complexity to only the wireless receiver and the "joymega extension".

I bought my set for an excellent price, because I bought the parts loose from separate sellers.

The quality and the precision of the original Sega pads is just amazing. It was worth the effort.

Por Grauw

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27-04-2016, 22:59

But don’t you have to keep the controller pointed to the TV the whole time? (*is a lazy couch-lying fuck*)

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