can Yamaha YMF278 (Moonsound) really use samples as instruments?

Por nitrofurano

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07-06-2016, 11:44

it might be a lack of chiptune culture from me (and sorry if i might offend anyone), but i almost never heard an YMF278 tune that really impressed me, even after listening to what we can find at

at it says that the chip can play PCM besides FM, but i think i never heard a YMF278 PCM tune

if you all know anything, please let me know - perhaps demos and examples not directly related to MSX might be the best ones

if only FM tunes exist, i guess that those from Konami (Snatcher and F1-Spirit 3D Special) are the less “cheesy” ones?

as well, i don’t know that if we use AY-3-8910 (on the lead voice channels) and YMF278 (on drums, bass and some low-volume chords that would complement mixed to AY-3-8910) would provide better results

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Por Poltergeist

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07-06-2016, 12:05

I believe there are more than sufficient examples of Moonsound using samples, even on For example and are two songs made by Wolf_ (who is, in my opinion, the one who's taking the most advantage of the moonsound)

Por Grauw

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07-06-2016, 14:46

Nearly every OPL4 tune out there uses samples. The ones for MSX often used those from the included Yamaha sample ROM. The FM part is rarely used. The songs on are also PCM-based and don’t use the FM at all I think.

Konami never made music for the OPL4, none of the commercial companies did, as the MoonSound was a scene product made in 1994 after MSX was no longer commercially interesting.

Por Meits

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07-06-2016, 16:06

Or the biggest collection on MSX ever

Por Poltergeist

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07-06-2016, 16:32

Oops. Saw the name Wolf_, saw the text Moonsound, and connected some dots... Still a great piece of music, though

Por nitrofurano

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07-06-2016, 18:45

yes, these ones from Wolf_ sounds really impressive, i didn’t know them at all! Smile - thanks! Smile

Por syn

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07-06-2016, 18:51

i bet 90% of all moonsound tunes are using PCM only.

Por Manuel

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07-06-2016, 22:51

Yes, on MSX, the FM is hardly used, it seems.