MSX Ringtones - Android only

Por Fernando Boaglio

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31-08-2016, 02:32

Hi there,

I am a developer of free (and no ads) MSX Ringtones for Android:



Please take a look and let me now if you want something else.


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Por tfh

Prophet (2858)

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31-08-2016, 23:24

Nice app, works great and easy to use. Could do with some more tunes of course Smile

Por fernandomanuel.garciagarcia

Master (189)

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01-09-2016, 12:24

Nice app!
I am already using it Big smile . As tfh mentions , more tunes please!

Por giuseve

Paladin (744)

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01-09-2016, 20:58

more tunes and a WP10 version, pleeeease !

Por Meits

Scribe (6372)

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01-09-2016, 23:34

I once made a collection of some famous sound effects of games by filtering them out flawlessly from games. I wonder where they went. Can't seem to find them right now. You could get them if I found them, but I can make them again if you wish. They were more like message tones than long ringtones. Think of Konami's pause sound.