LibKSS now supports per-channel export

Por niek

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11-09-2016, 23:36

Okaxaki has modified LibKSS to support per-channel export, for per-channel filtering, volume control and spectrum analysis. It's currently in the development branch.

Now I can create a nice per channel spectrum analyser using FFT on the data from every channel.

To clarify; before these changes the emulators of the sound chips exported wave data in which all channel data from the sound from the chip was mixed. Now this functionality has been moved to kss2wav, which means all channel data is directly available to the programmer using the library, instead of digging deep into the code. Imo it actually makes more sense like this (i.e. sound chip emulation should just emulate sounds and make the data available, don't mix things), I'm very happy about these changes, would have taken me quite a bit more time to get there. :D

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Por giangiacomo.zaffini

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12-09-2016, 20:46

Indeed, quite big update. Now I have to fight against git in order to fetch and merge in_msx supermodule's updated modules (i.e. major module libkss), which I'm not sure I can do. Let's see them. Evil

Por niek

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12-09-2016, 21:29

Well maybe you could wait for it to become available in master and then do something like git submodule foreach git pull

Por Manuel

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12-09-2016, 22:17

In case you didn't know yet: openMSX also supports per channel export for all emulated sound chips since 2007...

Por Meits

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12-09-2016, 22:53

But an MSX is not really strong in replaying KSS files.
I would like to see a windows/dos(box) version of it though. My linux machine is normally switched off and located on inpractical locations Smile

Por niek

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26-09-2016, 19:19

@Meits; my website is platform independent, check it out! If this is not what you're looking for, what do you need?