Salamander Smooth Scroll IPS Patch

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Por Victor

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02-11-2016, 04:04

sd_snatcher wrote:

Great work, Victor! Congratulations.

Sorry if I couldn't help you more. I'm really with very little free time these days.

Thanks!! All the patched you did in the past for this game... That's was amazing!!

After Salamander, I'lld like to do the same with Gradius 1, Nemesis 3, Parodius... I'll try to include your super "Turbo FIX" routine... I expect that I could do that. I hope that you don't mind... In my profile, you can find my email... It would be great if you help me with that part!! Thanks for all Master!!

sd_snatcher wrote:

One tip: maybe it isn't advisable to include the entire =you know which ROM= in the patch. The best approach would be to require the user to concatenate both ROMs and then apply your patch over it.

The ROMs can be easily concatenated in the DOS shell with the following command:


Well, I've overwritten the Main part of that ROM...with voice set and all my routines... from Gradius 2, Salamander only needs 24 Kbytes to work...

Por frederic.markus

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02-11-2016, 07:14


Por tfh

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02-11-2016, 09:29

Someone already made a short clip and placed it on Youtube:

Por gdx

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02-11-2016, 09:52

I dreamed it, Victor did it. Smile

Por [WYZ]

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02-11-2016, 11:51

Victor, Congraturation! you are a great star fighter.

Por syn

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02-11-2016, 13:37

Nice. The voice are pcm samples or is it voice synthesis ?

Por [WYZ]

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02-11-2016, 14:15

Wave synthesis

Por alexito

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02-11-2016, 18:02

Double Thumbs Up for Victor.

Great Mod !!!

Simply Fantatastic !!!


Por PingPong

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02-11-2016, 21:32

tfh wrote:
PingPong wrote:

a video running on a plain msx2 would be great to see.....

Well, who is stopping you? ;-)

what not who. like the unavailability of a true msx2 machine? ;-)

Por PingPong

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02-11-2016, 21:33

@Victor: great. there is nothing to add.
A Question... how does behave the scrolling on a normal msx2? Shaking borders?

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