What happened to Sunrise?

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Por opcode

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29-06-2006, 00:19


Does anybody here know what happened to Sunrise? I bought a GFX9000 from them in March, but I haven't received anything so far. Worst, I am not being able to contact them (I mean, I never get a reply for my emails). That's sad, but the truth is that I am getting the feeling I threw $200 in the trash can.... Sad


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Por Sonic_aka_T

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29-06-2006, 00:30

I wouldn't worry too much about that. Sunrise is run by a small group of volunteers, so things can take a while from time to time, but you should get everything you ordered eventually. If you're lucky they might even spot this post and you'll get a reply over here.

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29-06-2006, 00:59

Hm, ok. Probably you know them better than me. In this case I will wait for an eventual answer. Anyway thanks a lot for letting me know. I was fearing maybe they had gone out of business... Smile


Por snout

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29-06-2006, 01:02

I hope Sunrise never will go out of business, as they are doing a great job to the MSX community... Sunrise read our forums extensively, so I'm sure they will read this post as well... perhaps something went wrong with their webserver/spam control causing your mails not to arrive... be patient, have faith... Sunrise deserve it! Smile

Por Prodatron

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29-06-2006, 23:37

I am sure they are still alive, as I had email exchange with Rob last week. I ordered a CF card IDE interface, and it seems that it needs some time to ship it, but Rob answered, so I am sure everything will be ok Smile
I also hope they will produce the moonsound again - I really need this wonderful piece of hardware...!

Por spl

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29-06-2006, 23:51

Yes, they are still alive. I must send him my ide (I was very busy... but now I have time to it!) but Rob answered fast and very correctly!


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30-06-2006, 17:36

That's strange, cause they aren't answering me.... I sent like 3 emails in a month period, and so far no answer.... Considering I paid for that GFX9000 back in March, it seems like an unusual amount of time to send me the goodies... Sad

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30-06-2006, 17:38

BTW, would someone give me the current Rob email (private, please)? Maybe the email address I am using isn't valid anymore...

Por Manuel

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01-07-2006, 11:00

Try: sunhisan ( at ) euronet ( dotty ) NL

But, there is a chance that he is on holidays in this period.

Por wolf_

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01-07-2006, 11:20

He might be enjoying a sunset at some beach ^_^

Por diederick76

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01-07-2006, 14:56

I ordered a CF IDE last week as well, and Rob Hiep emailed me that there was a little delay because he didn't have any floppies anymore.

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