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Por Lazzeri

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15-07-2017, 14:52

It´s been a while now. Any news on Eric?

Anyone in here knows him in the so-called "real life" and could please share some info?


Por Metalion

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15-07-2017, 15:23

He gave some news on MSXVillage two weeks ago :

"12 days ago I left my home for the most difficult experience of my life. But I could read your messages that gave me strength. I want to thank you.

After 8 hours of operation I stayed 7 days in intensive care. I will never believe those who say that with painkillers you do not suffer ! I suffered ! A lot !

Today I am in the nephrology department ... for a certain time ... The implanted pancreas worked immediately. But the kidney takes its time. For the moment this does not mean failure because it happens often.

Thank you for your support.

See you soon."

Por meits

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15-07-2017, 17:06

This painkiller thing bothers me... I don't wish Eric to suffer Sad

Por tfh

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15-07-2017, 17:25

Meits wrote:

This painkiller thing bothers me... I don't wish Eric to suffer Sad

Well... I know what Eric's going through at the moment. Last year I had a colostomy & proctectomy after which I had to stay in the IC for a week as my kidneys & small intestine didn't want to start again after 9 hours of surgery.
All the morphine in the world didn't help against the pain in that week and that really sucks. I just had to press a button to get more of morphine, but it was never enough...
On the other hand: The morphine has clouded my memories of that period a bit, so that's a good thing..

Anyway, Eric.. my thoughts are with you. I wish you all the best and I hope that you recover soon!

Por ericb59

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15-07-2017, 20:56

Hello guys !

I' m sorry to not gave you any news for so long time.
I come back home yesterday. So I can say all is on the good way... Both kidney and pancreas working normal until now. I'm still on a big treatment at home with 3 perfusions per day (drip ? Don't know exat name in english) and of course I 'm very tired.

Anyway thank to all people who posted a message or sent me an email, it gave me strength when I saw all of your nice messages.

I will need some time to fully come back in my life, but I can say right now I reborn on 21/06/2017 with this double transplantation !

See you soon guys !

Por Louthrax

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15-07-2017, 20:59

So glad to see you back Eric Smile !!

Por Victor

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15-07-2017, 21:01


Great news our friend! We are really happy for you!


Por santiontanon

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15-07-2017, 21:53

Indeed, great news!!! Now take it easy and recover!!! Welcome back! Big smile

Por tfh

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15-07-2017, 22:34

Good to see you're back home!

Por meits

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15-07-2017, 22:58

No place like home... Good to see you're back. Now strengthen up and be well.

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