Golvellius - "PCS22951"?

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15-11-2017, 10:18

I'm playing the MSX1 version of Golvellius, and inside the first optional "ANOTHER CAVE" you encounter, there are giant letters and numbers made out of wall tiles at around the halfway point which spell out "PCS22951." I assumed this had some meaning, so I looked it up online, but found absolutely no reference to this anywhere.

Does anyone have any idea what PCS22951 represents? This kind of "puzzle" always bugs me, and while I'm sure it's some sort of inside joke or something, I assume someone, somewhere must still have some idea what it represents -- and inquiring minds want to know! Wink



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Por Imanok

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15-11-2017, 13:41

Try asking PAC Fujishima on twitter: @pacf