New upload for SE-ONE Radio Application for SymbOS

Por edoz

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28-12-2017, 22:57

Hi All,

For those who interested: today i changed some code against the FM radio application for the SE-ONE from TMTLOGIC.
I did some bug fixes and added some small new functionalities, like: checking for the correct firmware, read chip info etc. For those that still runs on a old firmware, please update the hardware. (See TMTLOGIC website for instructions)


And for those that does not own the hardware:

Software can be downloaded here:
Radio Application Download

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Por msx45

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29-09-2018, 11:05

Hello ,
is it possible to convert it to "COM" (MSXDOS) or to "BIN" (to launch in MSXBASIC) ?

Best regards

Por FiXato

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29-09-2018, 15:14

(Unrelated, but seeing the ICQ logo used for an IRC client makes me go 'uh-oh' (in that typical ICQ sound)) Murdoch