What made you want MSX instead of C64?

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Por poke-1,170

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28-09-2006, 00:56

the first I bought was the nms8220, had friends with c64's, but at some point a dad of a good friend of mine bought an msx,
and we played yie are kung fu and manic miner. Since we were good friends and his dad actively bought games, we would swap
stuff. Read msx magazine every time it came out, andIn highschool new friends had msx computers. I think I quit around 91 or so,
bought an amiga 500, then when I got 18 an 1200 with cd 32. I still have both.
At some point I started missing the msx again, so when I went to artschool, I bought an msx again for a ridiculously low price.
Must say I liked the c64 games more,over the msx ones. Except for the msx2 games, but since I didn't have a diskdrive I didn't get
that many. But treasure of usas on cartridge was worth it Smile
anyway, having an msx2 with a datarecorder sucked even more then a 64 with a datassette, at least they had turbo tapes Tongue... Oh and I forgot to mention I once set a password on the msx, forgot it and then shit hit the fan, till the dad found out how to get rid of the damn problem by some key combo (alt grph esc? )

Por Yukio

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28-09-2006, 00:59

It wasn't a option in Brazil.
Only MSX machines where released over here.
This and the nice computer books!!!

Por poke-1,170

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28-09-2006, 01:04

how come it was msx in brazil ? why that and not any other brand ?
I always wondered about the popularity there...
see, for us we had philips and sony manufacturing it.
Sony was done by brandsteder electronics if I remember correctly.
Ron brandsteder (famous tv host) always promoted the sony prices
in his show, nice for daddy who owned the company Wink

Por Yukio

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28-09-2006, 01:38

Restrictive market.
This and grey market.
It was also possible to find clones of ZX and Apple amount other 8-bit computers.
Later the MSX dominated the 8-bit market in Brazil ...

Philips do Brasil, their video-games [Odyssey] also suffered a lot because of the
restrictions in importing products.
There was Atari 2600 VCS too.

For MSX there was Gradiente and Sharp/EPCOM.
Tales told that MSX was sold as a deluxe video-game with keyboard and
BASIC! Even if there was data recorders and Disk-Drives ...

Later a president finished the reserve of the computer market in Brazil.
Much later the Amiga 600, Amiga 1200, AMIGA CD32 and Amiga 4000 got
official releases in Brazil.

Por MisterT

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28-09-2006, 05:40

I started Msx cause 1 of my best friends had one,

And after i started using MSX it was way better, especially the strong Basic it has.
not to mention the choices of msx types you had, over 10 diff kinds of msx1 alone
while they had that 1 ugly version of the C16 and C64..

i started with the GOLDSTAR FC-200, then after a couple of years i bought my
first msx 2 a VG8235 then later i bought the SONY F1XDJ 2+ also a VERY NICE
computer but only 64k memory, in the same time i bought me a ATARI ST (for music
purposes) also (no commodore)

And finally a TURBO-R GT

And to be honost i still think the MSX is the best there is, even when i like my atari
and my pc nowadays i still treasure my msx hobby, and will never get rid of it......

Por [D-Tail]

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28-09-2006, 12:17

In 1989, my dad bought an MSX2, a 8245. This was the first computer to enter the family ever, and I was immediately addicted to it Wink. Played Road Figher and Tank Batallion for hours Big smile

Honestly, I never got to play a C64, never ever. So I don't know at all what that machine has to offer Smile At some point, it must have been 1996 or something, an Amiga A1200 entered the house, which I still have. I was immediately shocked by the high quality games for it. I still have all of that, but I don't play as often anymore as I used to. In 2002/2003 or something, I bought my own FS-A1ST. Which is still THE treasure here. I have MSXes of my own since 1992 or something. Started with 8250, then 8255, then 8255 w/ 2+ and 512kB and DOS2, then all of that plus an 8245. So, the majority is philips here Wink

Por Haohmaru

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28-09-2006, 16:21

The Reason?

Machines with Software eXchangeability Wink

Por Manuel

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28-09-2006, 19:12

My dad bought an MSX and not a C64. I guess because some of his brothers also had an MSX. I didn't care: I just wanted a computer Smile

Por Samor

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28-09-2006, 20:10

yeah, kinda the same here.. it just happened to be MSX, and then we happened to like it a lot.

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