What made you want MSX instead of C64?

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Por AuroraMSX

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29-09-2006, 23:28

EDIT: <off-topic>
ML programming on a 1K ZX-81:
- write your ML program, on paper
- grab your Z80 book and assemble to byte code, on paper
- grab your ZX-81 manual and translate byte code to ZX-81 characters (non-ASCII, IIRC!)
- write a BASIC program like this

1 REM <insert all them weird characters that make up your program here>
2 ...insert some POKEs here to start the ML program


You could do it on MSX-BASIC too ...
Add some USR stuff!!!
TongueTrue, but for MSX, there are assemblers and text editors available, and there's a BLOAD command, All that stuff makes ML programming a lot easier than on the ZX-81. If you've got only 1K of RAM, there's not much room for a text editor or even an assembler Smile

Por sirpaul484

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30-09-2006, 02:18

Sadly, when I was young I had neither a C64 or an MSX. Instead, I had a TRS-80... which I hated. Too little memory, and it had video troubles. But that was just because of a bad RF Modulator. My father had a chance to get an Amiga in '89, after the TRS-80 crapped out, for only $20, but he said that those computers were stupid and instead went to a surplus store and got a dumb terminal for $200.. *groans* But now I have my C64 AND my MSX1, and I am happy.

Por wolf_

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30-09-2006, 12:45

yes.. fathers and computers.. it's teh horror.. ^_^

Por msd

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30-09-2006, 13:39

I started with a MSX1.. got it from my stepbrother. I moved to msx2 after a year or so. MSX1,c64 atari 800 (or something).. Those computers are all a generation to old for me. So going to C64 from MSX2 is a big step back. I think I would even abonded msx years ago if it never moved on to msx2 and higher.

Por sirpaul484

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01-10-2006, 03:21

yeah... The thing with my father is that he had this beleif that monochrome systems are more powerful than color systems, so he would go out of his way to get a more expensive monochrome system..

You should have seen the tyraid he had when I built him his current system, and he found out I had the GALL to give him a color monitor.. SHAME ON ME!! Tongue

Por smart duck

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01-10-2006, 15:13

I didn't like the design of the C64 and the peeks and pokes needed. MSX-Basic is so much better.

Por monant

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01-10-2006, 21:49

I wanted to buy a c64 because all my friends had got it. but my father convinced me
to buy a MSX (thanks).So i bought a VG8020 , the basic language compared to the one of c64 was very powerful, on the contrary (to be honest) c64 scrolling was very smooth and fast and suitable for games.....there were always discussion with my friends.....one of them was proud of his diskdrive too! ( c64 diskdrive was very very slow )
finally MSX2 came out and I bought a nms8245 (I still have it ,..connected to an AMIGA monitor) .. and I could shut many mouths up..

Por djh1697

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01-10-2006, 21:56

When I got my first MSX, the main reason was that MSX Basic was so easy to learn! The other reason was the promise of all the hardware and software coming from Japan. I am still waiting, maybe the OCM will help!

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