Loading "The Sword of Ianna" on FPGA MSX2

Por gaula82

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08-05-2018, 17:43

Hi there!

I am trying to load "The Sword of Ianna" on an MSX2 FPGA computer, on the Altera DE1.
I am using the latest core port from Caro here:
This FANTASTIC game is available for free on the Retroworks page:

Thing is, MGLOAD.COM says "improper cartidge". I have tried setting a MEGA-RAM on Slot-2, I have tried all combinations for swithes 4 and 5... But no luck.

Any idea on how to load it?

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Por Manuel

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08-05-2018, 21:35

The ROM has a non-standard size, perhaps that's causing the problem.

Por Pencioner

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08-05-2018, 22:04

The vertical poster in the downloads section has an erroneus url, correct one is IANNA_posterA3_verticalRGB.jpg

Por gaula82

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09-05-2018, 10:59

Ha! Did it! Switches 4&5 to ON, and MGLOAD /SO2 ianna.rom
Thanks for your responses Smile

Por sdsnatcher73

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09-05-2018, 20:57

Remember that you can set the mode of both slots using slotmode.com after boot, allowing you to change to the correct mapper. Also if you use mglocm.com to load the rom it will detect the mapper (most of the times) and set the correct slotmode.

Por gaula82

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10-05-2018, 10:49

sdsnatcher73: Thanks for that! The problem is that mglocm.com does not work on the DE1, because caro's implementation is based on old code, I believe, somglocm.com says that "it will only work on 1chip MSX" Sad