MSX Test Utility

Por japanretroCT

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13-07-2018, 12:47

Hi , I am searching for an msx test and hardware list software to know ram, slot vdp , audio etc...Someone know the name of this uty?
Best Regards.

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Por giuseve

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25-08-2018, 15:47

I'm also interested in.
My target is to check up the different configurations of zemmix neo after different dip switch setup.


Por Randam

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25-08-2018, 16:03

The megareport does quiet a few tests with regards to that. It was placed on many of the later Quasar disk magazines.

Por gdx

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25-08-2018, 16:10

Several software to test the RAM here.

Por giuseve

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25-08-2018, 16:26

Something like sisoft sandra (ok, more simple I mean)
Megareport sounds good, I tried Quasar disks, but due to any problem uncompressing their LZH packages or BLUEMSX reading their .dsk, they don't seem to work.
Any idea?
I remember something with my old msx2, but it is gone ...

Por luppie

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25-08-2018, 16:42

Just download Quasar#27
I use Total Commander to unpack it (it supports LZH)

DiskA contains MegaReport.

Por Manuel

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25-08-2018, 17:20

Or use lhasa to decompress LZH files. Also works for PMA Smile