RISKY RICK FOR MSX !!! (post to make it a reality)

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Por ArcadeVision

Resident (60)

Imagen del ArcadeVision

29-07-2018, 13:29


Risky Risk is originaly an amazing ColecoVision game released in June 2018.
More information here: www.arcadevision.net

We have received some emails from peoples asking an MSX version, so we are starting to considerate it.
The game should able to work on all compatible systems using 8/16K RAM and 16K VRAM.

Please, be kind to use this topic as a "booking list', to show your interrest for the game.
It is required at less 50 requests to start to work on this project. 100 to produce a box version.
(speak around to help this project to come true)

Thank you! :D


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Por ToriHino

Paladin (925)

Imagen del ToriHino

29-07-2018, 13:42

I'm interested!

Por wyrdwad

Paladin (934)

Imagen del wyrdwad

29-07-2018, 13:48

I am 100% on board for this, and would absolutely buy a boxed version, too.



Enlighted (6977)

Imagen del ARTRAG

29-07-2018, 14:04

Interested in one copy

Por Abi

Hero (604)

Imagen del Abi

29-07-2018, 14:10

I am interested In one copy too!

Por erpirao

Paragon (1334)

Imagen del erpirao

29-07-2018, 14:37

one for me too

Por ListoMefisto

Champion (435)

Imagen del ListoMefisto

29-07-2018, 14:37

Interested in one copy too!

Por valkyre

Paladin (700)

Imagen del valkyre

29-07-2018, 14:38

Count me in


Champion (390)

Imagen del MISXTOR

29-07-2018, 14:40

One for me.

Por FX

Champion (264)

Imagen del FX

29-07-2018, 15:08

I’m interested too.

Por Fredi77

Supporter (11)

Imagen del Fredi77

29-07-2018, 15:11

One boxed for me too, awesome!!!

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