WTB : Playsoniq and/or Yamaha SFG-01/05 (YM2151) OPM cartridges

Por da_Dude

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20-10-2018, 01:50

Hello there fellow MSX lovers. ltns
after all these years i still have/use MSX computers, and since (recently) i've got a KuC/MFR 512 SCC SD and............... a Moonsound v1.0! \0/
this fact has gotten me into VGMplay by Grauw [whom i hope will continue updating VGMplay!playlists eg?] and want to be able to play and enjoy as many formats as possible, not just the usual shweet PSG, FMpac and/or SCC tunes.

hence this WTB post; a playsoniq or any other useful/reasonable priced audio cartridge would be a great addition, also for when i'm streaming Bleeps&Beeps like on Ustream in the past, often together with Haohmaru. tho streaming happens on Twitch since a couple of years already on my end....

thank you for reading,


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